Japanse koi kwekers

Dainichi Koi Farm

Founded: 1959 In the long history of nationwide contests, the Showa Sanshoku, the overall championship in 1991, became known as the remarkable Dainichi Showa. Reproducing its bloodline, the Mano Brothers, Futoshi, Hiroshi, and Shigeru, are now putting their heart and soul towards another overall victory.

Hirasawa - Marudo Koi Farm

Mr. Hirasawa, for 18 years, played an important role in establishing the Dainichi brand. He now actively takes in new approaches such as accepting students from vocational schools. Since he started his own company in 1970, he has been producing Koi with an emphasis on quality, and his goal is to produce Koi that will captivate the world.

Hiroi S. - Kokugyo-kan

Mr. Hiroi of Kokugyo-kan is known as the one and only Tateshi (An “artisan” who stocks Tategoi from breeders and raises them for several years.) of Niigata. He produces Kohaku but mainly purchases Koi from other breeders to refine and finish. He has produced various superior Koi until today and has won many awards in the All Japan competitions.

Hiroi T. - Marusaka Koi Farm

Since Marusaka’s Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) won the category champion at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show in 1947, it has been called Marusaka Sanke. The family is committed to raising a Marusaka Sanke that will once again sweep through the Nishikogi world. Marusaka Koi Farm is also known as one of Niigata’s few Midorigoi breeders.

Hoshino K. - Teradomari Koi Farm

After becoming the Division Champion at the 30th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show in 1998, Teradomari Koi Farm’s Ginrin Kohaku is now called the “Teradomari Ginrin” and is beloved by Koi lovers all over the world. Family head Mr. Kiichi Hoshino currently focuses on body conformation and quality of the gin scales of his Teradomari Ginrin and is aiming to become the first non-Kohaku/Gosanke Grand Champion at the Show.

Hoshino T. - Hoshiyone Koi Farm

Hoshiyone Koi Farm is a long-established Koi production business that has been ran by three generations, Yonetaro, Yoneichi, and Takeo. The current family head, Takeo, is the leading expert on Ginmatsuba. Even in the recent boom of the splendorous and gorgeous Platinum, Kujaku, and Yamabuki, he kept the astringent lineage of “Gin Matsuba.” He presently focuses on the scales in order to produce distinguished Gin Matsuba.

Yamaguchi - Uonuma Nishikigoi

Hiroie Yamaguchi is a breeder with superior techniques who has won the Japan grand champion for his Kohaku. His current focus is on Showa Sanshoku. He understands that Koi grow differently in different ponds; he checks and finds the best breeding method for each Koi and pursues the creation of an ideal Koi.

Hosokai - Hosokai Koi Farm

Mr. Hosokai, a farmer-turned-Nishikigoi breeder, is now one of the leading breeders of Niigata. He has succeeded in raising Asagi in argilliferous soil which is generally said to be unsuitable for Koi and has won various awards with them. He is currently producing many splendid Koi from Goshiki oyagoi.

Igarashi - Igarashi Koi Farm

At the Igarashi Koi Farm located in Ozumi Tashiro, Nagaoka-shi, the Igarashi brothers breed almost all kinds of Nishikigoi. They focus on Gosanke but also breed other varieties such as Kawarimono. He is especially known as the creator of Kin Kikokuryu, a crossbreed of Kin Showa and Kumonryu. He has also created many high-quality Yamabuki Ogon.

Isa - Isa Koi Farm

Isa was born in Ojiya-shi, Niigata in 1945. After working at an agricultural cooperative, he established Isa Koi Farm in 1970. He has won various awards including the Kokugyo Award for his Showa Sanshoku.

Iwashita - Iwashita Koi Farm

Mr. Iwashita became involved in the production of Nishikigoi after having experienced a variety of professions. He focuses on the production of Koi that cannot be seen at other Koi farms; he has created new varieties such as Ginrin Asagi and Ginrin Shiroutsuri. His concept is “a complete lineup;” he currently produces more than eighty varieties and maintains a unique approach towards Nishikigoi.

K Kawakami - Kawakami Koi Farm

Located in Urae, Ojiya city, Kawakami Koi Farm is a historic Koi farm that has continued for four generations.

Founded 1955 producing Twenty Varieties. They have gained fame for always producing high-quality Koi such as the Goshiki that won Kokugyo prize at the All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show in the past.

Kase - Koshiji Koi Farm

Each Niigata breeder has strong characters and their own unique policy. Some breeders pursue the beauty of Nishikigoi with an emphasis on Gosanke (Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) and Showa), while some are always challenging to create a new variety. The breeders at Koshiji Koi Farm commit to creating a wide variety of Koi, and their ponds are always filled with color. They are the original creators of Ginga and Benikumonryu and play a significant role in stabilizing new varieties.

Kataoka - Oya Koi Farm

One of the breeders who, more than anybody else, takes pride in Niigata’s ancient traditions and culture and who insists on handing them down to the next generation precisely because Niigata is the birthplace of Nishikigoi. He and his family enjoy working together to produce beautiful Taisho Sanshoku.

Kawakami - Urakawa Koi Farm

Urkawa Koi Farm is an old-established business founded in 1917. The world-famous “Torazo Sanshoku” and “Torazo Kohaku” are brand Koi produced by this distinguished farm. The third generation family head, Tsuyoshi Kawakami, has inherited the genealogy in producing mainly Kohaku and has won various awards at Koi Shows throughout Japan

Mano - Izumiya Koi Farm

Among many of Niigata’s Koi farms, Izumiya Koi Farm is one of the long-established traditional farms, and Mr. Mano is a person well liked by many breeders. He holds a stirring performance: he has won the overall championship in the 14th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show of 1982 and the Minister of Agruculture, Forestry and Fishereies prize in the 41st Niigata Nogyosai. Currently, he enthusiastically practices old-fashioned natural breeding methods to produce strong Koi.

Miya - Miyaishi Koi Farm

Miyaishi Koi Farm is a 3-generation Koi business. It was founded by Ishitaro and has been passed on to his son, Tokuzo, and grandson, Kentaro. They have won 2 championships at the Nigata Nogyosai. Among the varieties they produce, their Kin Showa is the most famous and has won various awards at Koi shows nationwide.

Nogami - Nogami Koi Farm

Founded: 1968 Mr. Nogami, present head of Nogami Koi Farm located in Muikamachi, Nagaoka city, gained training as a staff at Dainichi Koi Farm during its peak for fifteen years. He followed in the footsteps of Nogami Koi Farm in 1994.

Otsuka - Otsuka Koi Farm

The Asagi produced by Mr. Otsuka’s won the Category Grand Champion at the 34th and 35th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show, which established his reputation as an Asagi producer. He has also been enhancing the levels of his Goshiki Showa and Goshoku Sanke and has demonstrated his ability by being ranked as one of the top winners in the “Goshiki Category” at various Koi shows.

Sakai - Yamamatsu Koi Farm

Yamamatsu Koi Farm otherwise known as Matsunosuke, won the championship at the All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show in 1955 for his Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke). Sanke became the trademark of Matsunosuke. Currently, many breeders use Matsunosuke’s Koi as Oyagoi, and a Matsunosuke genealogy brand was established.

Sakazume - Sakazume Koi Farm

Mr. Sakazume, creator of “the Sakazume Aigoromo” which is highly appreciated from both national and international Koi lovers, places importance on his own sensitivity and continues producing Aigoromo that win high-ranking prizes at national Koi shows. He currently focuses on producing Aigoromo, Budo Goromo, and Sumi Goromo which are gaining popularity worldwide nowadays. He also produces Kohaku, Showa, and Yamato Nishiki.

Sekiguchi - Sekiguchi Koi Farm

Sekiguchi Koi Farm is known for having created the Sekiguchi Showa and Pearl Ginrin, but at the same time they are a talented breeder of Showa Sanshoku and have won various awards. Masayuki Sekiguchi, the 3rd generation of the farm, currently takes the lead in producing large and beautiful Showa Sanshoku.

Suda - Suda Koi Farm

Mr. Atsushi Suda breeds Nishikigoi in Ojiya-city, Niigata. He puts the world in a field of vision and wrestles with his job positively. 80% of the Koi, which he breeds, are shipped abroad

Suzuki - Suzusei Koi Farm

The Suzuki family is the head of a historic family whose ancestors served as shoya *1 The family has lived in Junidaira, Ojiya City for over 800 years until the earthquake that struck in 2004. The Nishikigoi business was started in full-scale by Seijuro Suzuki’s (father of present representative) generation, and they achieved fame for their Showa Sanshoku.
Since their house was located in the center of the disaster site, they currently live in shelters but still are passionate and dedicated to the study of Showa Sanshoku.

Tomono - Koi no Kansuke

Mr. Seiji Tomono is the raiser of “Scarlet Queen”, Grand Champion of the All Japan Nishikigoi Show in 1994, and self-taught creator of the brand called “Kansuke Kohaku.” Even though he suffered major damages from the 2004 Niigata Earthquake, he continues to give all of his passion in producing the “New Kansuke Kohaku”.