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Each Niigata breeder has strong characters and their own unique policy. Some breeders pursue the beauty of Nishikigoi with an emphasis on Gosanke (Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) and Showa), while some are always challenging to create a new variety. The breeders at Koshiji Koi Farm commit to creating a wide variety of Koi, and their ponds are always filled with color. They are the original creators of Ginga and Benikumonryu and play a significant role in stabilizing new varieties.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Showa Sanshoku
Taisho Sanshoku

Kiyoshi Kase dedicated itself the Koi Züchterei first only hobby-moderately. When he had then gained sufficient experience, he, its Sushi cook decided to terminate and only the Koizucht dedicate themselves existence. Straight 25 years old become, he created the Koshiji Koi farm.

While many specialized the breeder in Niigata in the classical breed Varietäten, on the Koshiji Koi farm are undertaken again and again new attempts for breed Varietäten. Since these breed attempts per kind last and always to the desired result do not lead about 3 years, of the Koshiji Koi farm are to be always seen a color-glad picture in the ponds.

The desire to create a completely new Koi was the drive for Kiyoshi Kase as it decided to breed the “Ginga”. Ginga is a crossing between Kujaku and Hajiro. Intensive co-operation with Mr. Aoki facilitated also the exchange of the fish into the respective basins of the other one. In this way totally losses could be through avoided.

The “Benikumonryu” rises likewise from the fantasy of Kiyoshi Kase and developed from the crossing of Kikusui and Kumonryu. Reliably there are still further breeders such as Kiyoshi Kase, which do not only follow to the breed of classical Varietäten of the Koi, but also the new kinds. But by the “Benikumonryu” the Koshiji Koi farm reached an extensive Bekanntheitsgrad.