Yamaguchi - Uonuma Nishikigoi

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Hiroie Yamaguchi is a breeder with superior techniques who has won the Japan grand champion for his Kohaku. His current focus is on Showa Sanshoku. He understands that Koi grow differently in different ponds; he checks and finds the best breeding method for each Koi and pursues the creation of an ideal Koi.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Showa Sanshoku
Taisho Sanshoku

The Yamamatsu Koi farm, also as Matsunosuke admits, has a history of 80 years. Hiroie Yamaguchi breeds with special methods and thereby a Kohaku brought out which won Japan Grand champion title. Momentarily it concerns itself with the breed of the Showa Sanshoku.

By the realization that Koi prosper differently in the different ponds, it tries to find Hiroie out Yamaguchi the best breed method for the respective Koi, in order to then create an ideal Koi.

In its 7 ponds it has different water qualities and different in each case ground conditions. Hiroie Yamaguchi does not believe for example in the fact that sandy soil is in the pond for the raising of a good Showa Sanshoku a necessary condition. It bred already beautiful Showa Sanshoku, although clay-like soil was in the pond. If one takes two Koi from the same brood of a female Koi and if it pulls in different ponds largely, they will look accordingly different. For this reason Hiroie Yamaguchi tests the individual possibilities and tries to find out, what for the growth of the respective Koi at the best one is.

Fundamentally in the opinion of Hiroie Yamaguchi are also the hereditary factors of a Koi. If one due to its appearance, who selects ideal body form and the sensational designs to the breed, is not, nevertheless yet guaranteed two Koi that one of the descendants develops to a sensational Koi. But always anxious to create the ideal Koi it will continue to test at its breed methods and will experiment, because that Hiroie Yamaguchi understands something about its handicraft, it is not to be doubted.