Hoshino T. - Hoshiyone Koi Farm

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Hoshiyone Koi Farm is a long-established Koi production business that has been ran by three generations, Yonetaro, Yoneichi, and Takeo. The current family head, Takeo, is the leading expert on Ginmatsuba. Even in the recent boom of the splendorous and gorgeous Platinum, Kujaku, and Yamabuki, he kept the astringent lineage of “Gin Matsuba.” He presently focuses on the scales in order to produce distinguished Gin Matsuba.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Gin Matsuba

Hoshiyone Koi Farm is also known as “Yatobei” from old days. Yatobei has been breeding for more than 90 years in Takezawa area of Yamakoshi village. This is a very old and established breeder.

He breeds Kohaku, Taisho Sanke, Ginrin Showa, Kujyaku etc. at his farm. What we need to emphasize here is that he keeps and breeds the bloodline of Gin Matsuba. Gin Matsuba is a very important variety as we can know that Kujyaku was developed based on this variety. Hoshiyone Koi Farm keeps this bloodline generation by generation.

There are 2-3 breeders who produce Gin Matsuba. But their parents are all from this Koi farm.

In 2001, he produced “Kokuryu” by mixing Doitsu Gin Matsuba with Kikokuryu and he is getting a lot of attention because of this creation.

Kokuryu is still a new variety and even in Japan, not many people have a chance to look at it. Very rare variety.

The current president is Mr. Takeo Hoshiyone. His father, Mr. Yoneichi Hoshiyone was a very famous breeder in Niigata. When Mr. Takeo Hoshiyone took over the presidency, this farm starts breeding more varieties including Kokuryu. This is a future promising Koi farm.