Mano - Izumiya Koi Farm

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Among many of Niigata’s Koi farms, Izumiya Koi Farm is one of the long-established traditional farms, and Mr. Mano is a person well liked by many breeders. He holds a stirring performance: he has won the overall championship in the 14th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show of 1982 and the Minister of Agruculture, Forestry and Fishereies prize in the 41st Niigata Nogyosai. Currently, he enthusiastically practices old-fashioned natural breeding methods to produce strong Koi.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Taisho Sanshoku

 The Izumiya Koi farm was created by Ichiro Mano 1932 and ranks among the old and likewise experienced Koi farms of Japan. The current president, Senichi Mano, is concerned also today still with the breed of Gosanke Varietäten, like already its ancestors.

The profit of some Grand champion title underlined the outstanding breed and increased the Bekanntheitsgrad of these Koi farm. The Izumiya Blutlinie contains however not only Gosanke Varietäten, but beyond that also Yamabuki Ogon, which one would like to almost call perfect. Other breeder ever did not succeed in, so enormous, breeding colorintensive Yamabuki Ogon. Senichi Mano has not only a Nishikigoi, which measures far more than 90 cm, but several. To say nothing of the perfect body form and the exzellenten metallicfarbenen yellow. Also on many other Koifarmen one breeds Yamabuki Ogon on the Izumiya Blutlinie.

Minoru Mano of the neighbouring Dainichi farm saw one in Inchiro Mano its instructor, who näherbrachte the art of the Koizüchterei to him. As Minoru Mano spent some the today most well-known breeder several Lehrjahre on the Izumiya Koi farm.