Hoshino K. - Teradomari Koi Farm

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After becoming the Division Champion at the 30th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show in 1998, Teradomari Koi Farm’s Ginrin Kohaku is now called the “Teradomari Ginrin” and is beloved by Koi lovers all over the world. Family head Mr. Kiichi Hoshino currently focuses on body conformation and quality of the gin scales of his Teradomari Ginrin and is aiming to become the first non-Kohaku/Gosanke Grand Champion at the Show.

Koi Varieties Bred:

The best Ginrin Kohaku breeder in Niigata, Japan is known worldwide as the origin of Nishikigoi. About 40 years ago, there were more than 6000 breeders. Currently, however, there are only 200.

Excellent breeders are probably about 50 out of the 200. 6000 breeders has been weeded out to 200 and now 50. This severe fact derives from the nature of Nishikigoi being an “art.”

If one were not able to breed “beautiful Nishikigoi recognized by everybody,” that one is automatically forced to go out of business. Nishikigoi world is a very high competition world.

Mr. Kiichi Hoshino at Teradomari Koi Farm has been in this fierce Koi breeding business for 30 years. Passing through many trials and errors, he has established “TERADOMARI” brand with Ginrin Kohaku.

In Japan, there is All Japan Koi Show. Winning “Best in Variety” prize is one of the big goals for breeders and at the same time it is the best way to have the breeder’s brand recognized.Mr. Hoshino challenged “Best in Variety” with Ginrin Kohaku and successfully won the prize.His Koi achieved “Best in Variety” at All Japan Koi Show many times and made his recognition immovable.

He is a Japanese representing breeder of Ginrin Kohaku.