Isa - Isa Koi Farm

  • Beschrijving

Isa was born in Ojiya-shi, Niigata in 1945. After working at an agricultural cooperative, he established Isa Koi Farm in 1970. He has won various awards including the Kokugyo Award for his Showa Sanshoku.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Showa Sanshoku

My father used to raise Nishikigoi as a hobby. When I was 25, I decided to become a breeder and set up Isa Koi Farm. I did all the breeding myself, but I didn’t have much difficulties because I was blessed with good Koi from the beginning.

Starting with Kohaku, for the first few years I just kept buying and selling because I didn’t have many skills. But afterwards, I worked hard and built many field ponds. I raised Kohaku for the first dozen years or so and then went on to breed Showa Sanshoku. Fortunately, I had the honor of winning the Kokugyo Award for my Showa Sanshoku. I believe I was awarded the prize because I created a big, nicely-shaped, 32 inch Showa Sanshoku. Until then, Showa Sanshoku was known to only grow solid and small.