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Mr. Iwashita became involved in the production of Nishikigoi after having experienced a variety of professions. He focuses on the production of Koi that cannot be seen at other Koi farms; he has created new varieties such as Ginrin Asagi and Ginrin Shiroutsuri. His concept is “a complete lineup;” he currently produces more than eighty varieties and maintains a unique approach towards Nishikigoi.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Shiro Utsuri

Iwashita Koi Farm in Mushigame, Niigata breeds quality Asagi, Kin Kikokuryu and Kikokuryu. What makes him more famous is the production of Ginrin Asagi.
Mr. Tadashi Iwashita put the Ginrin and Asagi together for the first time in 1999. He was praised for this wonderful achievement and in addition he enjoys the challenges to always make new a variety.

Iwashita Koi Farm has a display greenhouse two stories high on the road at the entrance of Mushigame. It has three display ponds. He breeds mainly Kawarimono such as Goshiki, Kumonryu, Ginrin Matsukawabake, Doitsu Ochibashigure, Koromo, Doitsu Goshiki, Ginrin Asagi and so forth.

He is so popular that his place is always crowded with koi hobbyists in the harvesting season of autumn. But this greenhouse is not all he has, of course. He has a breeding farm in a different place, in the mountains of Nagaoka. The place is called Tomoto. He breeds Kawarimono as well as Gosanke there. Reading the trends and demands of the times, he has been challenged to create a new breed. Policy of Iwashita Koi Farm.

My goal is to breed an attractive koi that any koi hobbyist cannot resist. Every year at the harvesting season, Mushigame always has many koi hobbyists. Even though the store is at a very good location, at the entrance of Mushigame village, most of the koi people either used to pass here without making any stops or give it only a glance. I thought very seriously about how I could have them stop and stay at my store. I realized I must have powerful, beautiful and unusual koi to grab their attention.

At present, I breed 13 to 15 different varieties including Gosanke, Ginrin Matsukawabake, Asagi, Ginrin Asagi, Goshiki, Kin Kikokuryu, Heisei Nishiki, Kumonryu, Utsurimono, Gin Matsuba, Aka Matsuba, Doitsu Showa.