Hosokai - Hosokai Koi Farm

  • Beschrijving

Mr. Hosokai, a farmer-turned-Nishikigoi breeder, is now one of the leading breeders of Niigata. He has succeeded in raising Asagi in argilliferous soil which is generally said to be unsuitable for Koi and has won various awards with them. He is currently producing many splendid Koi from Goshiki oyagoi.

Koi Varieties Bred:

In 1992, Mr. Minuma was breeding good Kuro Goshiki. I got a female from him. And I got a male from Mr. Aizawa. My koi are originally from the Kuro Goshiki family. So it tends to get dark all over the body. Please look at Picture 2. This is a parent. As you can see, it is a dark koi; its offspring also tends to darken its hi pattern. It took me a while to remove this. I tried to remove the black and improve my koi.

At the All Japan Nishikigoi Show, there is a title for Best Koi in each variety. To win the title, koi must be at least 75-80 cm (30-32in). For koi to grow that big, I have to introduce the character to koi. I have Benigoi that grows more than 1 m (40in). I am planning to introduce the blood of this Benigoi so that all Goshiki can grow bigger.

Absolutely. I pass my techniques to my sons. My sons hand it over to grandsons. So in the Nishikigoi industry of Niigata, those techniques from the ancestors have been transferred over the generations. This is the reason why Niigata can breed the most beautiful Nishikigoi in the world