Sakazume - Sakazume Koi Farm

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Mr. Sakazume, creator of “the Sakazume Aigoromo” which is highly appreciated from both national and international Koi lovers, places importance on his own sensitivity and continues producing Aigoromo that win high-ranking prizes at national Koi shows. He currently focuses on producing Aigoromo, Budo Goromo, and Sumi Goromo which are gaining popularity worldwide nowadays. He also produces Kohaku, Showa, and Yamato Nishiki.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Showa Sanshoku

I believe that koi breeders are “artists” with “koi-breeding techniques.”- Sakazume

“The Sakazume Koi Farm is popular for its Aigoromo”

The Aigoromo of the Sakazume Koi Farm is a well-established name inside and outside of Japan.

In 1990, I first saw the koi in picture 1 at the ZNA All Japan Nishikigoi Show. Although the pattern is not first class, the shiroji of the back was snow white. And the ai (indigo color) of the sashi was so attractive. Also, the ai on the hi plates sits outstandingly. Intuition told me that this was not the koi that competes its beauty, but the koi that acts as a parent. At the time, I was focusing on Kohaku. But I felt that this koi had superior quality as a parent and asked its owner to sell the koi. Fortunately, the owner kindly accepted my offer.

My father and I went out to see the ponds as soon as the morning dawned. In koi breeding, we check ponds and koi condition the first thing in the morning. I learned this to be most important from my father. I also experienced that if we take care of them well, good results always come along. I still continue the pond check at sunrise. Koi breeding is part of nature. We must keep pace with nature to work.