Suzuki - Suzusei Koi Farm

  • Beschrijving

The Suzuki family is the head of a historic family whose ancestors served as shoya *1 The family has lived in Junidaira, Ojiya City for over 800 years until the earthquake that struck in 2004. The Nishikigoi business was started in full-scale by Seijuro Suzuki’s (father of present representative) generation, and they achieved fame for their Showa Sanshoku.
Since their house was located in the center of the disaster site, they currently live in shelters but still are passionate and dedicated to the study of Showa Sanshoku.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Showa Sanshoku

Sanshoku and by this Koi were bred obtained the name Seijuro Koi farm a high Bekanntheitsgrad. Since the removal into another city the Koi calls itself farm Suzusei Koi farm.

Although the purchase of the first Koi, was connected to an excellent male Showa with substantial difficulties, Seijuro Suzuki could concern itself soon with the mating. In addition it bought a female Showa, which it had sold before at relatives back. From the crossing of these two Koi a Showa Sanshoku of the special class developed. Seijuro Suzuki busy itself also with the breed of Beni Kumonryu and Ginrin Showa, but after some time it gave breeding from this blood line.

On recommending Mr. Seijuro Suzuki a completely special chtungasart put Isa and Mr. Hosokai to the day: As humans should the Fisache one day in the week peace have. At the Koi one can see, how hiklfreich this proceeding works. Rounded off with best fodder and much freedom of movement he brought always good breed successes out. Due to further references of its Mentoren today the attitude applies that the Koi is likewise organisms like humans. And the care one humans to come leaves itself, should to a Koi be also gegnnt. This philosophy was confirmed for Seijuro Suzuki by many considerable prices, which obtained its Koi.