Hiroi T. - Marusaka Koi Farm

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Since Marusaka’s Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) won the category champion at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show in 1947, it has been called Marusaka Sanke. The family is committed to raising a Marusaka Sanke that will once again sweep through the Nishikogi world. Marusaka Koi Farm is also known as one of Niigata’s few Midorigoi breeders.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Kin Ki Utsuri
Taisho Sanshoku

Since Marusaka's Taisho Sanshoku won 1947 in the category a champion the universe Japan Nishikigoi showa, one calls him Marusaka Sanke.

Teruo Hiroi, the today's owner of the Marusaka Koi farm, wanted to do it to its father. It bred first some Hikarimono before it with 16 years a Jinbei Sanke Oyagoi of the Izumiya Koi farm bought and with the breed of Sanke began.

After two years without luck Teruo Hiroi decided for the crossing of a male Kohaku with its Sanke. From this a further splendourful Sanke and thus the successor of the Taisho Sanshoku of its father developed. Also the oldest son of Terui Hiroi already tries in the breed of Koi.

Beside Sanke also Hikarimono are bred and before 4 years began we furthermore with the breed of Midorigoi. In addition it crossed Wagoi and Doitsugoi, which leads usually different Doitsugoi too much. It was gesegnet of the luck, because about half of the Koi brood was suitable for the breed. Thus it took thus the Doitsugoi and bred thereby Midorigoi.

Except Teruo Hiroi of the Marusaka Koi farm the Midorigoi only bred of Tazawa san in Niigata.