Hiroi S. - Kokugyo-kan

  • Beschrijving

Mr. Hiroi of Kokugyo-kan is known as the one and only Tateshi (An “artisan” who stocks Tategoi from breeders and raises them for several years.) of Niigata. He produces Kohaku but mainly purchases Koi from other breeders to refine and finish. He has produced various superior Koi until today and has won many awards in the All Japan competitions.

Koi Varieties Bred:

Seiji Hiroi is the director/conductor Kokugyo kan of the Koi farm, which is like as many different in the province Niigata.

On the Kokugyo Koi farm Kohaku are bred. However this Koi is characterised farm by a difference of the special kind: to develop it mainly small Koi of other breeders bought around these after their possibilities for jumbo jet Koi.

Seiji Hiroi held different conversations with breeders, Juroren of the different exhibitions and customers, in order to get thereby a view of nevertheless the opinions apart-going very far, what a good Koi was.

With these empirical values he decided thereupon to begin even with the Züchterei and decided for the breed of Kohaku. Into that almost 40 years, which there are this farm, Seiji Hiroi brought different Koi out of the superclass and won innumerable prices and honors on the universe Japan exhibitions.

If one considers that everything began with only one Koi, on which Seiji Hiroi spent all at that time its savings, is the development to a well-known “Koi farm of the something other kind” amazing, in addition, admirable.