Miya - Miyaishi Koi Farm

  • Beschrijving

Miyaishi Koi Farm is a 3-generation Koi business. It was founded by Ishitaro and has been passed on to his son, Tokuzo, and grandson, Kentaro. They have won 2 championships at the Nigata Nogyosai. Among the varieties they produce, their Kin Showa is the most famous and has won various awards at Koi shows nationwide.

Koi Varieties Bred:
Kin Ki Utsuri
Kin Showa
Taisho Sanshoku

The Miyaishi Koi farm was created 1937 by Ishitaro Miya and is operated meanwhile successfully in the third generation. At the beginning the Koi was more acted, until itself the son Tokuzo decided 1963 to breed Koi themselves.
To its breed Varietäten Kujaku, Shusui, Koromo, Ginrin Showa, Doitsu Sanke, Gosanke and Kin Showa belonged.

The main thing with the Kin Showa is the gloss. Generally to get whispered that it is very difficult, the Sumi on a shining body. But the Kin Showa of Tokuzo Miya shone brightly, had a good Sumi, a strong rear and a captivatingly beautiful body form. This Kin Showa brought the first price with one of the first exhibitions, at which the Koi was nominated.

Also the Miyaishi Koi farm did not remain with the earthquake 2004 without damage. Thus for example the first female Koi, which the Miyas for the breed had bought, died with this terrible natural catastrophe.

Kentaro Miya, the grandchild of Ishitaro Miya operates the Miyaishi Koi farm today just as successfully and promisingly as once its ancestors. Particularly it impresses it that most diverse humans from the most different cultures turn out at the sight of a beautiful Koi everything equally in swarms. Then one could not do nearly mine, it would give borders. That is one of the wichigsten reasons, why Kentaro Miya would like to pass the Koi on breed of its grandfather and its father once at its descendants.